Thursday, September 16, 2010

How Donald Trump Tried Valiantly To Save The World (...At Least New York City)

As we see yet another anniversary of the September 11th terror attacks come and go, the hearts of Americans are filled with deep sadness. The kind of sadness that doesn't really wane over time. We hear the stories again--some we've never even heard before. And we remember. And we go on.

Now, the proposed Ground Zero mosque controversy has struck a cord in each of us that is simply overwhelming. Much like the opposition to Obamacare, the public wasted little time in making its voice heard on the idea of having a mosque at Ground Zero. The vast majority of Americans have said a very loud "no" to the project, citing the insensitivity and just plain bad taste of such a plan. As with the Obamacare drama, the American people have been essentially shunned by the government. We have been told that opposing what many call a "victory" mosque overlooking the footprint of the once mighty Twin Towers is tantamount to being religious bigots. President Obama himself lectured us on the legalities of the whole thing, explaining to us less enlightened folk how zoning laws and such allow for this and how we need to back off. One might surmise that Obama thought that this was just the thing grieving families and first responders--who still suffer debilitating and life-threatening after affects from their exposure to the desolation that followed the collapse of the World Trade Center--needed to hear at a time like this. Once again, Obama was wrong. Once again, Obama missed the point entirely.

Likewise, many in the media tried to frame the issue as one where Americans were simply being intolerant of a religion in general. In doing so, they missed the point too! The issue has never been banning mosques or any other religious edifice. It's having the Ground Zero mosque at, well, Ground Zero. This is so plain and simple that it defies logic that so many media personalities would get this one so wrong. Not to mention the fact that many in the media are not really digging too deep on the financing and money trail for the mosque. But that's another story.

Enter Donld Trump. Larger than life and quite over the top, Trump literally is in a class by himself. He personifies American business success perhaps like no other since the times of the great captains of industry. The Trump brand is synonymous with the highest quality and the epitome of having "arrived." He, in short, is virtually the ultimate antithesis of the Islamo-Facist.

I believe that Donald Trump no doubt has a very special love for New York City. It's not only America's city--it's his city. He watched as we all did the progression of the Ground Zero mosque controversy and likely thought the same thing that so many Americans thought: If only something could be done to solve this problem. Yes, we all thought that. We even entertained the notion that the Federal Government and Obama in particular might hear our cries and step in and do... something! Alas, that was not be.

Donald Trump then took it upon himself to at least try and offer a reasonable solution to Imam Rauf to convince him to move the mosque a few blocks away from the hallowed ground around the Trade Center site. Trump offered his own money to the tune of $6.2 Million to buy the building. This constituted a 25 percent profit to the Imam and the mosque builders. He offered it in good faith. He offered it without asking for the government to provide a cent. He offered it because he saw the problem and knew he was in a unique position to help.

His offer was rejected, of course. Were we surprised? Any businessperson would likely have accepted such an offer in a heartbeat. It was easy money, after all. But the Imam and the mosque builders have some kind of statement to make. They tell us that the statement is about being peaceful and loving and tolerant. That's what they want us to think. But their actions define them. They have heard how hurtful this is. They have heard how it would be such a grand act to agree to move the site of the mosque. They have heard how Americans would hail the moving of the mosque as evidence that the peace, love and understanding they say is being promoted by its construction is actually real. They have heard all this and yet press forward--even going as far as to say that not building the mosque there would lead to "national security" problems for the U.S.

Yes, in true American fashion, Trump saw the problem and did his best to solve it--because his government wasn't about to even try. He went out on a limb and put his prestige on the line. He has even endured MSNBC hosts telling him that "low balled" the Imam and somehow screwed up the whole thing. They laughed at his warnings of how upset people are about this situation. They recoiled when he called then naive.

None of this has been lost on the American people, though. They saw how Trump tried to save the day--and his beloved city. It was reasonable. It was generous. And it was courageous. Hats off to The Donald.

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Friday, August 27, 2010

The Real Change Hasn’t Hit Us Yet

In 2008, the word was “Change.” Candidate Barack Obama wanted everyone to know that, if America elected him President, they would receive change--presumably because the current state of affairs demanded it. Things were bad and were getting worse by the moment. Change is what was going to save us. Change was what John McCain could not offer because, as the story went, McCain was the same as President Bush. And everybody knows that the “same” is not “change.”

In fact, the very mention of the word “change” sent supporters and other candidates alike in to frenzies unseen up until that point. Hillary Clinton seemed to abandon her strong suit (experience) in favor of re-branding herself as a “changer” who could change things with the best of them. Who needed Obama? So important was this new notion of change that every other issue had to be viewed only through the prism of change. Bill Clinton actually said during the campaign that, wherever Hillary had gone in her life and whatever she did, she “changed” things. But, alas, she could not change the fates and wound up as one of the most marginalized Secretaries of State in U.S. History.

Most of the “change” talk centered around the economy which had gone into freefall. However, despite Obama trying to teach Joe the Plumber all about the wonders of “spreading the wealth around” (which seemed to be a significant departure from traditional American views), the message of “change” roared on supported of course by a media enamored of all things Obama. The message: We need change and we need it now or we’re all doomed!

Americans wanted change. There is no doubt about that. However, the change that Americans clearly wanted and clearly believed they were voting for with Obama was a “change” for the better. In other words, they saw that the economy was hurting. They knew that something had to change. But the change they expected was some new way of energizing the existing economy so that Americans could prosper. Instead, they fell victim to the old bait and switch game. Obama offered change. But the change he offered appears to be something entirely different than what was needed or even called for by the situation.

Now, eighteen months into the Obama presidency, things have certainly changed for the worse. Unemployment remains unbelievably high. Prospects for jobs are virtually non-existent and not one person who is dealing with the reality of the situation “on the ground,” as it were, appears to have any reason to be optimistic. But wait, didn’t we do the $787 Billion in stimulus money? Didn’t we pass a massive healthcare bill which will actually raise costs for the average American? Didn’t we go after Wall Street? Wow! One would think that all that “change” would have finally put us back on track by now (like Joe Biden tells us).

Of course, it did not!

Now, most Presidents of the past (pick virtually any one of them) would look at the signs in the economy and in the market and conclude one thing immediately: Something needs to be done. Something needs fixing! But that’s just it! American wanted to fix the economy. They wanted the change to be that of restoration. Namely, restoration of the opportunities that the American system provides. Any other politician would be fighting tooth and nail to do something (anything) that would bring about that restoration (at least in terms of perceptions) so that they could be comfortable in their own re-election bid. But Obama doesn’t really seem to care--at least, that is the perception it would seem of many! Two words: Endless Vacation!

One can only conclude that, like so much about America that Obama seems to have problems with (remember the apology tour?), the traditional American economic system apparently needs changing in his opinion. In other words, the real change hasn’t hit us…yet! Many Americans fear that this ultimate change will look and feel surprisingly like Socialism. If that’s the change that Obama really meant during the campaign, then Americans will have to find a way to change the “change” before it’s too late to change it back! Going back to the ballot box on November 2nd will truly begin that change. Change we can believe in!

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Thursday, April 08, 2010

The Dangerous Nuclear Policy of Barack Obama

Since Barack Obama took office, American's have wondered many things. For example, they have wondered if the economy would improve with a new, young, popular president. They wondered if the jobs that had literally disintegrated into thin air would ever return. They wondered if they had gone the right direction in electing Barak Obama--especially when they had to wonder about the future of our healthcare system.

This week President Obama evidently decided that the American people did not have enough to wonder and worry about. In announcing his radical new posture regarding the U.S. Government's strategy for the use of its nuclear forces, he has now created a situation where the U.S. will literally be a laughing stock among our enemies. One wonders how Obama thought to top his apology tours that seem so long ago and far away as to be almost quaint by comparison.

Essentially, this radical and dangerous new policy states that the U.S. will not use nuclear weapons against a county that is "up to date" with any IAEA inspections and has signed the nuclear non-proliferation treaty or NPT. As if that simple gesture would ever be enough to make us let down our guard against some of the most repressive and undemocratic regimes around the world. Oddly enough, Israel has not signed that treaty so, we must presume, that Israel would technically be on the list of possible countries that we could nuke if the occasion ever arose. And that, in and of itself, should be enough to make us all stop and think about exactly how utterly nonsensical Obama's radical shift in policy truly is.

Commentators and politicians alike are making their opinions and reactions known. What is important to understand is that most of them are in no way looking to simply tweak Obama's ideas. What we are seeing and hearing (apart from the usual suspects on the left) is a total rejection of an absolutely ridiculous policy that only allows our enemies to become emboldened and ties our hands. This departure from what has been the policy of this country for decades and spanned various administrations both Republican and Democrat is more than just a slap in the face to common sense. It is a slap in the face to all Americans who look to the Commander-in-Chief to protect them at all costs. From Truman to Kennedy, Johnson to Reagan, Nixon to Clinton, Carter to the Bushes, Americans have gone to sleep each night knowing that these men commanded the most terrible and awesome arsenal the world has ever known--and they would use it if there was no other way to defend liberty. End of story. That is what kept the Soviets guessing! That is what, up until now, has kept many regimes and governments who do not wish us well guessing! Whatever those presidents' differing political views, they were not willing to compromise on this. Whatever arms reduction talks or treaties took place never put the U.S. in vulnerable position that Obama's nightmarish and unwarranted policy has.

In one fell swoop Obama has tossed away the security that Americans expect from the President. In doing so, evidently through a massive case of naiveté, he is handing our enemies a reason to doubt us. If they attack us with chemical or biological weapons and thousands or millions die as a result, our enemies will think to themselves that they are not going to suffer the full retaliation of U.S. might. Why would anyone want an enemy that would not think twice about killing huge amounts of Americans to believe, even for a second, that their "glorious" victory would be augmented by a wrongheaded and dangerous policy that restricts the U.S. from doing all possible to stop the attack or future attacks.

Since Obama took office, yes, Americans have wondered many things. Now they must wonder just how our enemies will interpret this new policy--and how they will use it against us. Unfortunately, there are many sleepless nights ahead.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Dems May Have A Price, But Americans Just Want To Work!

Well, looks like Sen Nelson had his price too I guess when it come to the healthcare bill in the Senate. Assuming the Senate passes the bill this week I think the real fight will begin between the Democrats as they try and meld the two bills. It's been reported today that this will likely take place behind closed doors--what a suprise! With the liberal left absolutely outraged at the idea that the "public option" would not be part of this historic bill, look for the friction to really intensify.

What's very concerning to me are some of the opinions I'm hearing regarding how this would have moved forward if Harry Reid was not able to find 60 votes. For example, all the talk about how the Senate could simply use "reconciliation" to pass the healthcare bill with a mere 51 votes instead of the 60 required by the Senate rules. This is scary, and should be scary to every American, because the liberal left appears to be losing all their pretenses and just saying that they will do what they want when they want and there really is nothing that anyone can do about it. In this instance, even though the American people are clearly opposed the bill in its present form--public option or not--the message from the government elite is that this will move forward no matter what.

And if you don't like this bill and don't support it don't worry! You'll like it eventually. NBC's Chris Matthews said recently that the American people would "fall in love" with the bill after it passes. So, I guess that the liberal elite are so smart that they know what we want even if we say in a unified voice that we DO NOT want the healthcare bill cramed down our throats. Welcome to the new paradigm.

At this time of year when Christmas draws near and people's hearts turn towards home and family, the biggest concern on the minds and hearts of so many is not some urgent need for the installation of a government run universal healthcare system from which there is no escape but, rather, where the jobs will come from in the coming year. What will expand our economy and build confidence that tomorrow will truly be a better day? How long will they have to suffer while the very fabric of the American way of life is re-engineered on a scale never before seen?

What is ironic is that President Obama could be seen as a hero of history if he was actively seen as focusing on jobs and the economy--not just throwing some misbegotten "stimulus" package at the economy as if that's all that you need to do to revive the "worst economic crisis since the great depression." If people were going back to work as a result of lower taxes and an atmosphere condusive to business in this country, Obama would undoubtedly reap the rewards. Instead, by pushing radical ideas on Americans under the guise of "change," there is a strong possilbility that he will be seen by history as making the problem worse and the recovery will be years away. This is very sad indeed because real people are losing their jobs and their homes and their dignity. They are WILLING to work. They are WILLING to do any job. These are the salt of the earth people caught in the politics of it all. They deserve a fighting chance. That is the American way.

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

What the World Needs Now…

The old song says “what the world needs now is love sweet love.” Love is good. We definitely need more of it—no doubt. But what the world is actually getting these days from the leader of the free world is, at best, mixed messages and, at worst, the impression that the United States cannot lead where freedom is concerned because we had a “value malfunction” after 9-11.

Sure, Barrack Obama has crisscrossed the globe apologizing for the “arrogance” of the U.S. and declaring the United States one of the largest Muslim countries in the world. Sure, some may believe that this is a golden road to a new golden age of understanding and worldwide happiness since America finally has a president who gets it. They will tell you how much better Obama is over Bush. They were so eager for Bush to be gone that they may not have thought through what it means to truly have the Anti-Bush take over and try and talk to the bad guys.

Case in point: No matter how you slice it, the recently sham election in Iran and subsequent crackdown by Mullah Control was one of the most horrific scenes we have witnessed in a long, long time. Our country’s official reaction was to reiterate that we “respect the sovereignty of the Islamic Republic of Iran.” Finally, after some behind the scenes pushing from none other than Secretary of State Clinton, Obama said we were “appalled.” Anything less than total support for those seeking freedom is going to come across to the Iranian government and those countries that are rooting for it as weakness. The Mullahs must be absolutely giddy over the idea that the Iranian people can be cut down in the streets and nothing really happens. Make no mistake; they will take our official response as a sign that we are tired of standing up, tired of “paying any price” and “bearing any burden.”

The idea of waiting to see who wins out, the Mullahs or the people, will come back to haunt us. Freedom will eventually emerge in Iran someday based on what the people there have expressed. When that day comes, will they wonder where the United States was? Will they understand that our government did not want to meddle or be a “foil” for the two warring factions? Will they understand?

The truth is the United States is a foil. It is seen as the archetype for freedom by those who love freedom and by those who want to take freedom away. Like it or not, the United States will always come up in any conversation about those struggling to see dictators and repressive regimes be put where they belong—on the ash heap of history.

So, given that, I hope that our government and President Obama will wholly embrace the idea that United States should always openly support those that want to put off the shackles of tyranny. It is our place in the world. So many of our allies who love freedom have already eclipsed us in being outspoken on the Iranian elections. We should not fall behind. Even though Iran’s elections are now “officially” over, we can still support those who want a better day in that country. The ongoing, sustained support from the American president means something. Just go ask those who emerged from Soviet rule how the words and support of Ronald Reagan meant something over the long haul.

Things can change. We can have a better world. But we have to always stand for right and for freedom and for free elections. But there are those that also seeking to repress. Just ask the Hondurans. Let’s hope President Obama gets on the right side on that one—and fast! What the world needs now is support it can count on.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

And Now The Hard Part...

While America can certainly be proud of the historic election of 2008, January 20th will soon be here. After the last notes are played at the various inaugural balls, after the last of the parades pass by the viewing platform in front of the White House, and after the media lovingly covers the final goodbyes of the President and Mrs. Bush as they leave town and head for Crawford, the real work of the new Obama administration will, at last, begin. Up until that time, President-Elect Obama will be able to stay somewhat in campaign mode. That is to say that he can continue, for a little while, to bask in that warm fuzzy feeling of being all things to all people.

However, on January 20th, President-Elect Obama will find that being President Obama might be a little different. For example, the nation will look to him, not President Bush, when the stock market dives 500 points in a day. The nation will look to him, not President Bush, when fear and trepidation come from the release of employment numbers and the like. In short, Mr. Obama will have to make decisions on issues of the economy and foreign policy that have consequences—consequences that not everyone will love or hail as inspired (as they did in the campaign). For that is what a president must do many, many times a day: make decisions. President Bush was very good at making decisions. They weren’t always popular (some will seem better in hindsight, I believe) but President Bush made decisions and let the chips fall where they may.

If President-Elect Obama truly wants to live up to his legendary status that has been conferred upon him, he will need to truly embrace the idea that a president is to take into account all the people, all the nation and all the nation’s interests before making a decision. Now, I don’t expect him to suddenly be open and supportive of conservative ideals (although that would be nice) but I do, as many Americans who also voted on November 4th, believe that our new President make good on the ideas he advanced and campaigned on during the campaign of 2008. Namely, that this is supposed to be a time of unity, of a break from the past. Sadly, the signals we seem to be getting from the Congressional leadership smack of a new partisanship that is descending across the land. So many people voted—many for the first time—in this election and they deserve a country and a political landscape that really does address the issues and challenges that face us in such a way that allows for good ideas—from either party—to be considered.

The crises that we are facing are daunting indeed and, in many cases, unprecedented. From the financial bailouts to the latest news that automakers like GM are literally running out of money in a couple month’s time, confidence in the economic system is fading fast and Americans are paying close attention to what is being done and what will be done starting January 20th. They are watching for tax increases that could send the economy over the edge completely. They instinctively know that higher taxes can hurt Democrat and Republican voters alike. They are looking for real answers and will accept nothing less knowing that their votes are powerful. Creating a partisan juggernaught—even an Obama one—simply will not work.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Saturday Night Live McCain Opener

Hi All,

Please give me your comments on the recent opening skit on SNL that took on John McCain's "approvals" of campain commercials. You can view the skit at

I wonder if they will poke fun at Joe Biden who said that the Obama ad implying John McCain is out of touch and doesn't know how to send an email was "terrible."